Our Story

B.A.S.T. – Be A Sweet Treasure

Fair and Sustainable Fashion With Feel Great Factor For All.


Johanna, the founder comes from a family with a three generation textile business and therefore has the fashion bug inherited. In 2001 she started working in one of Germany´s major luxury fashion brands, Jil Sander. Five years later she accepted a leading position in a huge multi-national fashion company in China. There she learned the Ins and Outs of textile production and became a very successful fashion professional. She knows from first hand experience what it is to negotiate, how to press production prices down to the minimum and what the real working conditions are in the fashion industry.

Though she became more and more successful, she couldn´t find pride in her doings. She saw the workers in the sweatshops that can be so easily forgotten living in Europe and couldn´t help asking herself the same question again and again: Do I agree with this? Can I enjoy my work while knowing that there are others suffering? After much reflection and soul-searching she made the decision to turn her back on the conventional fashion industry in 2012. Since then Johanna used her knowledge and passion in a productive way that doesn´t cause more injustice.

On this journey she has met her founding partner Anna, who lives the passion for ethical and sustainable fashion. She is the heart of the company to built the bond with our customers and retailers.

With our factory in India of certified organic and fair trade cotton and Sightmode our production partner we  guarantee our workers’ fair and good working conditions.

B.A.S.T. offers high quality fashion clothing that no one has to suffer for, to live more in sync with our true values.

With Love,