Behind the scenes ….

Hello Sweet Treasures!

Last Sunday we finally had the Photoshooting for our second collection.

It was such a nice moment and we would love to share some of the behind the scenes footage as a sneak preview with you.

We always try to find locations for our Photoshoots that are in line with our philosophy and couldn’t have been more lucky to come across this amazing place: SlowMov

Café SlowMov is a wonderful place in the heart of the Gracia area in Barcelona. It’s famous for the best coffe in … well, we would go so far to say the coffee we tried there is probably the best we drank in our whole life. Next time you’re in Barcelona you should definitely go and visit them to try for yourself 😉 The thing we like the most about it all: they work directly with the suppliers and it’s all organic. So you know exactly where your coffe comes from and how it was produced.

(SlowMov, Carrer de Luis Antúnez 18, Barcelona;

During our Photoshoot we had lots of fun and we’ll share some photos with you to see what you think about it.

Behind the scenes from our recent Photo Shoot @ Cafe SlowMov in Barcelona


We also would like to say a big thanks to our beautiful models Teresa, Gemma and Aida!

Aren’t they already drop dead gorgeous behind the scenes?!

Our wonderful models


So be sure to stay tuned for more pictures!

We’ll be launching the new collection soon and can’t wait to hear what you think about it!


World Fairtrade Day, a day to reflect on how we purchase our goods and maybe re-think our habbits.

A big problem with this can be a lack of information and knowledge. Sometimes it’s hard to know everything.

Do you know what fair trade actually stands for?

What does it mean in reference to the Fashion Industry?

be nice the world is a small town

World Fairtrade Day 2016

We found this really great explanation by the FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION and would like to share it with you.

Here you can learn all about Fairtrade cotton, the stuff that all our beautiful clothing is made of.


“Lots of us care about how we look – and buying clothes made with Fairtrade cotton means we can be a follower of fashion and at the same time help low paid cotton farmers around the world.

Cotton is the world’s oldest commercial crop and one of the most important fibre crops in the global textile industry.

Although world cotton production is dominated by China, India and the US, cotton is vital for the survival of many low income countries in Central and West Asia and Africa – it accounts, in value terms, for 26.4 per cent of Benin’s exports and 58.7 per cent of Burkina Faso’s.

Cotton farmers in developing countries, including leading producers like India and China, live in hardship. As many as 100 million households are directly engaged in cotton production and an estimated 300 million people work in the cotton sector when family labour, farm labour and workers in ancillary services such as transportation, ginning, baling and storage are taken into account. For farmers, the challenges range from the impact of climate change, poor prices for seed cotton, through to competition from highly subsidised producers in rich countries and poor terms of trade. In particular, government subsidies for cotton farmers in rich countries, particularly the US, create a market with artificially low prices that small-scale farmers are unable to compete in.

Fairtrade cotton was launched to put the spotlight on these farmers who are often left invisible, neglected and poor at the end of a long and complex cotton supply chain. Through tools like the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium and stronger, more democratic organisations, Fairtrade has sought to provide these farmers with an alternative route to trade and higher, more stable incomes. The Fairtrade Cotton Briefing provides a detailed overview of the cotton industry and its challenges, and explores why Fairtrade is needed and what it can achieve. ”

You can find more information here:


Fashion Revolution Day 2016 – Hello From India


We would like to take today’s Fashion Revolution Day as an opportunity to share this lovely video with you.

On her recent trip to India Johanna (one of our two founders) took some time to talk to the amazing people who make our clothes.

She wanted to know what makes them tick and see what is important to them, because we care about the people who work for us.

The answers she received are just simply touching! See for yourself !

We are very proud and thankful for all the wonderful people that make our Clothes!



Thanks to Nikolai Huesch for the video editing!